MissionCapture the Google Lunar X PRIZE

Based in the United States, team Next Giant Leap boasts highly qualified members from academic, aerospace and small business communities. NGL was founded on the concept that a small focused team is the ideal vehicle to efficiently engineer the winning Google Lunar X PRIZE entry.  Our Google Lunar X PRIZE spacecraft concept has been designed to validate our unique "hopper" mobility concepts which are ideal for low gravity bodies such as our moon, the asteroids and the Martian moon Phobos.

Founded by Michael Joyce in November of 2007, the team was known only as the “Mystery Team” for the first year. That year was well spent, recruiting the best possible team members and building the strong relationships required to reach our goals.

Now our team eagerly embraces the remaining challenges, challenges which we will surmount as together we take the “Next Giant Leap”!


Google Lunar X PRIZE artists have created this rendering of the Next Giant Leap Moon Lander concept. Sierra Nevada Corporation is responsible for overall project design and management.

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