Dr. Todd Mosher To Chair National Academies Panel

Next Giant Leap team member, Dr. Todd Mosher, to chair NASA Technology Roadmap: Entry, Descent, and Landing Panel

Dr. Todd J. Mosher - (Chair)
Sierra Nevada Corporation 

TODD J. MOSHER is currently the director for the Dream Chaser, Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) commercial crew vehicle, which recently won an award in the NASA Commercial Crew Development Program. Before that he was the director of spacecraft business development at SNC, where he helped win the Orbcomm Second Generation program with a satellite order to build 18 satellites with an option for 30 more. He also was the proposal manager and program manager for the Operationally Responsive Space Multi-Mission Space Vehicle. He has been with SNC since October 2006. Before working at Sierra Nevada Space Systems he worked at Lockheed Martin on NASA’s plans to return to the Moon, served as an assistant professor at Utah State University in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, worked at the Aerospace Corporation, where he also taught at the University of California, Los Angeles, and also worked for General Dynamics. He has authored 50 professional publications (journal and conference papers). Dr. Mosher has taught students from around the world and advised several winning student competition teams. As an associate fellow he held many leadership positions in the AIAA. He was a finalist in the 2009 NASA astronaut selection. Dr. Mosher has a Ph.D. and an M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado; an M.S. in systems engineering from the University of Alabama, Huntsville; and a B.S. in aerospace engineering from San Diego State University. He has an extensive NRC membership record, including the Committee on Assessment of NASA Laboratory Capabilities, the Committee to Review NASA’s Exploration Technology Development Programs, the Committee to Review NASA’s Space Communications Program, the Panel F: Communication and Navigation, the Committee for the Review of NASA’s Pioneering Revolutionary Technology (PRT) Program, the Panel on Enabling Concepts and Technologies, and the Committee for Human/Robotic Exploration and Development of Space.





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